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#464868 - 11/29/08 07:11 PM Spouse won't proceeed
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Ok, I asked my wife for a divorce. She's moved out, lived 7-9 months in an apartment here in BR, then moved back to Colorado to live with her best friend. Our marriage was here, and I am using the 3stepdivorce system to file. But she's refusing (it's been 2 months, plus) to fill out her parts (DL, employment, insurance) etc.

We've been separated for over a year, she's been in another state for over 7 months, so my question is:

How do I go about getting this over with?

Any pointers in the right direction are appreciated. I will assume any answers have the usual 'IANAL' tag on them, unless you state you are a shar^H^H^H^H lawyer. ;)



#464869 - 11/30/08 05:24 PM Re: Spouse won't proceeed [Re: Tymanthius]
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If she won't agree to an uncontested divorce you'll need to petition for one . File the correct paperwork with the court , have her legally served and wait for a response . If none is forthcoming the court will grant your request . If she reponds , you go to court and try to hammer out an agreement or the judge decides .

#464870 - 12/10/08 06:56 AM Re: Spouse won't proceeed [Re: googledad]
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This is a known liar and disrupter of posts.

This is a known bully.

This is a known femin azi.

This is a known troll poster.

Therefore, whatever she states should be regarded with caution and suspect due to her repeated lies, misinformation and posts in multiple names/genders along with just being an "icky" type subhuman.

#464871 - 01/06/09 08:00 PM Re: Spouse won't proceeed [Re: WYFather]
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Not sure if this posted the first time, so a repeat:

Who are you saying is the 'known disrupter' (sic)?


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