My stbx kicked me out of the house a year ago with the clothes on my back. I took our RV trailer to live in as it had all the necessities. He reported it stolen, knowing I took it, I called to tell him. He refused to let me back into the marital home for my personal belongings and I had to buy all new stuff. He filed for divorce and temp orders asking me to help pay community bills. He has two grown children with fulltime jobs and a GF who reside in the marital home. STBX failed to list on the financial affidavit his two grown children and GF. STBX makes 2 1/2 times the pay I do, and wants me to split the bills. Took out a 60K second equity loan while we were split up, spent the money on his kids and personal bills of his prior to marriage. Nothing to benefit the marital community. My questions are:
1. Will I have to pay 1/2 the bills for the house with his GF living there and his grown children (ages 21, & 24)?
2. How do I get my personal possessions back, like clothes, pictures, stuff I had before marraige?
3. What happens if him and his GF have destroyed or disposed of my possessions?
4. Will I be left homeless and the judge order the travel trailer to be sold?
Thank you for your time and consideration in answering this.