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#467487 - 12/05/08 02:29 AM Change the family court system in KY..
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I recently got a divorce in KY and have to admit that a 'no fault' state just stinks and wmone should not get immediate custody.
Here's the gist of my story and why I feel the way I do...

I married an illegal immigrant ( not knowing at the time she was ). She is from the Czech Republic. She already had one son born to another illegal Czech Immigrant who got deported by INS in a raid. When I met her, she worked at the same place I did without papers. Seems Human Resources did not bother to check her background. Therefore I assumed she was legal. We dated, got married and then I found out she was illegal. Then we proceeded to get her legal via a 3 year conditional green card and work permit. We were married for exactly 3 1/2 years before I found out she was having an affair with the man who she first worked for when she entered the states. Seems this man was present during her son's delivery.
Well upon announcing my intentions of divorcing her due to the affair I caught her having, she announces she is pregnant with my child. I doubt the paternity due to the affair and she threatens child support. This after she gives birth to our child with the same man present and refuses to tell me when and where she is having our child. Fine, I state. Child is mine, she intended on pinning the child on him and he knew the entire time it wasn't his. By getting paternity, it messed her plans of pinning my child on him and getting him to marry her. So now she is out for blood and my assets.
We go to divorce court, judge gives her my home ( our home ), $756 a month for support and all the furnishings in the home to include brand new washer/dryer set. For one child. Not only that, I have to continue to make payments on a vehicle she rolled $9500 onto making the payments $650 a month. So now let's tally that up. I loose everything and end up paying $756 plus $650 a month, live at home with the folks paying them rent. She gets the home, her car paid off, $756 a month in support and joint custody of our child and SHE committed the affair and continues to date this man after breaking up his marriage.
So now lets see HOW the hell I am supposed to live and spend time with my daughter?
Apparently this woman had the whole thing planned out from jump. She used me to get the green card, was dating this married man the whole time and figured the only way to get everything from me was to have a child by me. Basically a cash cow. Did the judge see all of this? Yes and still he chose to make the order the way he did.
OK. My questions...
Why does the Non citizen of the United States get my child? Why does the non citizen of the US get my property and cash to boot? Even after it was proven she committed adultery, had a child as a cash cow and committed fraud? Someone tell me where the justice is in the court system??

Here's the kicker of the story:
I found out she ran from her country on money laundering charges, committed fraud twice in this country by filing for a social security card without being legal, hid the birth of her son from INS committed marriage fraud.

#467488 - 02/11/09 04:35 PM Re: Change the family court system in KY.. [Re: irish14500]
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Not all women get the kids... Been fighting my X going on 4 yrs - yes 4 yrs for custody of my son... At the rate we are going he will be of age and make up his own dicision. I was the housewife to let him have the career. He got the career retired and then left me for another woman... I'm broke, living below poverty level and the court system has pretty much favored on his behalf for everything. I follow all the rules the court sysytem puts on us and he follow about 5%. He still gets "free regin" in the court room. JUSTICE IS NOT BLIND" - After this case is over I will file a complaint againist the Judge for discrimination and also write the Cheif Justice for the State of KY. I know this will probably not get me anywhere but the state of KY is WORTHLESS when it comes to the law.


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