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#473095 - 12/26/08 12:16 AM Visiting my grandaughter
jeaniek54 Offline
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My son just gave up his right to my grandaughter and needless to say I'm crushed. I need to see her and don't know my rights or even if I have any. Does anyone have any information or experience with this?

#473096 - 12/26/08 12:33 AM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: jeaniek54]
javajunkiee Offline
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What is your relationship with the child's mother? Since your son has legally surrendered his rights, your ability to see the kids is basically up to her. Traditionally, a grandparents rights to see the gkids is given by their own child.

If you provide your state, we may be able to point you towards your states guidelines regarding grandparents rights, however, even if your state does provide some leeway for gparent rights? You will still end up fighting a major battle unless mom is on board.

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#473097 - 01/02/09 06:26 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: javajunkiee]
MTmom Offline
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If my ex relinquished rights.. the last person I'd be interested in talking to right now would be his mother. Out of courtesy, you should at least give her a little time to regroup.

Send cards, bday gifts, etc, to the child.. but relax.

#473098 - 01/03/09 09:44 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: jeaniek54]
Misslisa1017 Offline

Registered: 05/18/06
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Why would your son do such a thing?

Most of the time Grandparents don't have any rights other than those of what the parent's themselves extend to them. Really we have none. I am blessed to see my Grandson as my Son lives at home. That won't be forever. And honestly that's a good thing lol.

It's called peace and quiet down the road. But seriously why did he give up his rights?

I know this is very hard right now but you are going to have to deal with what Mom is going to allow you now.

#473099 - 01/03/09 09:44 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: Misslisa1017]
Misslisa1017 Offline

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I'd be upset too if I found out my son gave up his rights to his son.

#473100 - 01/03/09 09:51 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: Misslisa1017]
Misslisa1017 Offline

Registered: 05/18/06
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But it's their lives. Ya know?

#473101 - 01/07/09 12:13 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: Misslisa1017]
christine1 Offline

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I don't think you have any rights unless you go through the court. Before I did that I would talk to the mother or write a letter expressing your desire to continue having a relationship with your grandchild.

Good Luck

#473102 - 01/22/09 05:43 AM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: christine1]
Maury Offline
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I can't speak for your state, but in Minnesota and Wisconsin, if the parents rights are terminated, so too are the rights of lineal reelatives on that side, including grandparents.

#473103 - 02/06/09 01:15 AM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: jeaniek54]
dawn62561 Offline
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My heart goes out to you.My son is considering giving up his rights,because he hasn't seen his daughter in 8 months.The mom won't let him.Why pay child support if he can't see her is his way of thinking.I think we should still have rights to see our grandchildren.I've been searching.Lets pray that we will have our say in this matter

#473104 - 02/07/09 01:38 PM Re: Visiting my grandaughter [Re: dawn62561]
Buckeye Offline
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Has he taken BM back to court for contempt??? He doesn't even need an attorney to do that.

Same thing happened to my SIL but he NEVER considered giving up his rights.

Long story short - she ran off with a man she met on the internet and he now is the sole custodian of the boys, has sole legal and she has NO VISITATION ordered by the court.

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