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#479780 - 01/19/09 12:29 AM SS Modification Opposing Counsel's Question
kspellman02 Offline

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I am in the process of a SS Modification case where my ex has a live in male partner that she shares bank accounts, loans, insurance and home ownership with. Her Atty has filed a "Request for Admissions" document with the court that says the following:
"Based on the respondents income from employment, he has the ability to to pay spousal support awarded to Wife pusuant to the judgement of dissolution of marriage, Money Judgement entered on...(date of dissolution). I must answer True of False.
What are the ramifications of this, and can we object to the request? I have been paying the award for 5 years so it is obvious that I can pay it so indicating "no" would be looked at poorly, I presume. What happens if I "admit" that I can? What is the purpose of this request?

Thanks for your help!

#479781 - 01/24/09 01:04 AM Re: SS Modification Opposing Counsel's Question [Re: kspellman02]
kspellman02 Offline

Registered: 11/13/07
Posts: 36
Well I got only one answer on this. It is an intimidation from the Ex's Atty but fortunately there are a couple of ways around this question, the main being offering more than a yes no answer. It appears that no judge is going to hear from one side in the debate about stopping the process without hearing from the other. Good Luck in whatever proceedings you are working on.


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