I went through a divorce the last two years. It was final almost a year ago. I have 4 kids, two I share custody and have visitation and 2 are teens and wish to be with their mother. The mother got a new job aftet the divorce and the child support got recalcualted. She states the [censored] VS [censored] Worksheet calculates support wrong and I am in the State Appeals court now over it. The District Court ruled they sheets are correct and in my favor. It went to apeals court and to summary disposition. We wrote a memorandum of support of the decision and she wrote a memorandum of opposition, hence it got placed on the hearing docket because they placed the appeal. We are in the stage of writing breifs back and forth and it should go to court in April. Is there anyone out there that has had any issue like this? If she wins it will change the law and the bread winners of the family where there is a custody arrangement like this will have to pay a significant amount more per year. I had to get another special appeals attorney for this. I have spent over $20K on lawyers so far and it has not stopped. Is there a fund for fathers without rights to fight issues like this/ My lawyer feels this suit is abuse and we plan to ask for lawyer fees when we win.