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#486629 - 02/10/09 04:43 PM alimony
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so i need some advice. was married 27+ b4 i was divorced my x was supposed to pay 3 grand a month for 14yrs till we hit 65 and retire. he payed me for a year. I was a stay at home mom and raised my 4 children. I lost my house my car my life i cant make ends meet he owes me 2 years if back alimony. nobody can find him he is an independent contractor and nobody can find him. any suggestions out there?

#486630 - 05/09/09 03:31 PM Re: alimony [Re: panda22]
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Yes try also Pipl or Deep Web..Zabasearch will tell you what city, state, ISP, and area code he's in, make sure you use the set ups offered so you get the emails anytime he or someone is searching for him..and chances are he'll be checking on himself and that's what you want him to do...That's how I found my deadbeat loser.
Hope this the latest problem with there no ending to these guys thinking they are above the law !!!

#486631 - 05/09/09 03:50 PM Re: alimony [Re: Kala]
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Here's my problem I live in Az. Was married and divorced here, by ex moved to FL..He is thousands behind in his NON MODIFIABLE SPOUSAL SUPPORT that was court ordered untill death or my remarriage...He claims he can't find work so he's going to take and early retirement when he hits 62 next month..I know this is all a ploy so he doesn't have to pay me..But though we were married and divorce in Az and the Judge informed him that he didn't care what his circumstances where he still was going to have to pay me.
He has toyed with the courts for almost 2 years..they haul him in drop the warrants because he says he'll pay, he'll make 2 or 3 payments and quit..I just filed a Motion to have him arrested and Incararated due to his blatant disregard for the courts orders..Here I am going on and on and ignoring what I really need to know...Can I have this non modifieable support taken out of his SS check even though he lives in Fl and I'm in Az?..And by the way I became disabled during the marriage and I'm on SSD due to some of his abuse, some where not cause by him.. but I also am able to work pt time...Back to my question if anyone knows if I can collect from his lazy drunken butt from his SS check?


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