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#489970 - 02/21/09 01:00 PM 12 year old required to carry two cell phones
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My girl has always had a prepaid phone from me to contact her mom or myself. Her mom got her a phone around xmas time and told her she is not allowed to use it to contact me. Now she has to carry two phone if I am to talk to her. I have offered to pay half the phone, her mom requires her to carry, but my ex refuses. If I take the prepaid away, In Oregon does she have to provide a means of communication. Is that part of child support?

#489971 - 02/21/09 08:04 PM Re: 12 year old required to carry two cell phones [Re: be4meisu]
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Why punish your Daughter by taking her phone you got her, the mom is just bugging you, don't let it. I'm sure your girl likes having 2 phones to carry...phones are cool to them. Let your daughter use her phone from mom to call her mom and friends and the worldprepaid for you and your side of family to contact her. Child support is child support, it doesn't mix with any other aspect. Paretning plan does, but don't get wild over this one, it's the really big stuff you need to worry about. You know the home phone number and and can email to contact her even if there wasn't cell phones. But you can always be in contact with your girl with the prepaid.

#489972 - 07/06/11 02:12 PM Re: 12 year old required to carry two cell phones [Re: bjaks]
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I agree with bjaks.
I'd consider the phone as a parenting issue instead of part of child support.
A child does not require a cell phone for a healthy lifestyle, though it is admirable that you want her to have one to get ahold of you with.
If your ex wants to be touchy on the subject, let her. You're being the reasonable one here.

Better to have to phones just in case any way.


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