I need some advice please! My ex-wife and I were divorced two years ago, and we had a divorce agreement that i would keep the house and take the debt of a repossesed van. I would pay $50 a week in child support, 1/2 of our childs school expenses, $250.00 a year in clothing, 1/2 of any extra activities our child is in. Have two over nights a week, and carry insurance on my child. Okay here is where is gets unfair in my eyes, with in a month of the divorce agreement my ex moved away, which took my over night visitations away, then pulled me back into court because child care went up, and the judge would not even look at the agreement, now i do all the extras plus my support went up $30 more a week. That was 15 months ago, now my ex. is recieving child care vouchers, gov. housing, and food stamps, plus she put our child on state insurance so she has no out of pocker expenses. She has one other child and I have two, my question is can i get the agreement modified because she never stuck to it from day one. Half the time i don't get my extra visitations with my child (summers, holiday, b-days ect.) I would like to eliminate all the extras and just go by the state guidelines, but have a modification done on the support. My ex makes more money than i do, she voluntarily cut her hours back in order to qualify for assistance, and i have two other children to support, i do want to help with my daughter but at this time it seems very unfair. Please help, i have contacted an attorney and have a conceltation in a couple of weeks