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#499457 - 03/21/09 08:45 AM Getting back togetther after divorce filed
mcgrath Offline
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Has anyone really had success getting there wife(spouse)back together after filling for divorce. Just curious to see if it has worked for others or not. No adultery yet, but wife did have emails with her high school sweetheart. I know feel she is getting close to coming back to me, but don't know if I should trust her. She still currently lives in our house but now doesn't discuss looking for a apartment no more. I feel it is worth trying again with the kids, but was wondering if anyone has seen where there marrige still lasted after this. Any help would be appreciative

#499458 - 04/01/09 12:26 AM Re: Getting back togetther after divorce filed [Re: mcgrath]
fengshui Offline
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If you have filed for divorce, it really is none of your business if she has been with anyone, and vice versa. It shouldn't be a trust issue at this point. If there was infidelity during the marriage, then that is another story.

#499459 - 04/01/09 07:58 PM Re: Getting back togetther after divorce filed [Re: fengshui]
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I have but it takes a lot of work
I recommend counseling
Learning how to deal with the problems at hand including trust is not something we do well as people on our own

It has worked for my wife and I and it could work for you and yours; but keep this mindÖ
Going to the councilor is only as good as how honest the 2 of you are with him/her, simply because they can offer good sound advice or teach you the tools to fix the problems but not if he/she is not aware of everything.

Basically what Iím getting at isÖ
itís like building a house and if you put garbage in then you will get garbage out

Best of luck to the 2 of you
Standing above the crowd he had a voice that was strong and loud

#499460 - 12/11/12 01:07 PM Re: Getting back togetther after divorce filed [Re: losingfaith]
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I would give it a try, there are clearly things that both of you need for her to turn or talk to her HS sweetheart and talking it through and finding out the root of the problem before it gets to a point where the damage has been done and harder to turn back. I know, trust me. Good luck to you both but just a thought, if you don't, would you always wonder? what could have been?


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