Here's the whole picture-
Divorce (contested) nearly final. Settlement conference agreement reached. Final date for hearing is coming Thursday. State is Washington. Washington is a no fault, community property state.

Issue is, settlement agreed upon, read into record, and now, dealing with my taxes, I have "remembered" (discovered and remembered) that on my business we did not pay in total (probably not even close) to what my federal income taxes were. We both (her and I) took the attitude that when things get better, we will catch it up- that never happened.

I am trying to get her now, in the final minutes of the game so to speak, to agree to pay half of the taxes that will soon be due. She is fighting me on it, with all kinds of circular logic an the kinds of points some people make when they just don't want to do something but can't find a good reason to justify their position.

Now, I have to do a few things.

Find out how much of this liability should or could be hers. She is keeping the house, which I would suspect opens her to a lien.

Find out if there is any way she can protect herself and force me to pay all of it?

Does a court's order that the split of tax liability hold any real water, when it comes to the IRS and State's ability to collect? The local L&I tax gal who has been trying to get money from me for some time has told me that she is NOT protected, no matter what the court says, due to being married when we had the business, and this being a community property state.

Any ideas how I can make my case that she should be forced to cough this up? I am "pro se", and have been struggling to not get screwed so far..

Also- do I need to file something in the court to make my case/point valid before the court, before Thursday? Or will the case be set for trial if we can't settle? Or can I postpone the hearing easily enough???

What the heck would YOU recommend I do so I don't get screwed being liable for a community debt that could be sizeable? Anyone got a good hail mary???

Much thanks in return...