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#506622 - 04/15/09 11:01 PM Wanting to keep my daughter.......
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My ex-Husband and I have joint custody of our daughter. I have domicile custody. He is alloted 3 weekends a month and when we see fit for her to visit. Shortly, a month to be exact, he remarried and now gets our daughter when he is home. His new wife is an exotic dancer and he is her "body guard". Now my 3 year old daughter is coming home telling me about going to a titty bar, dancing on the stage and on a pole. She also has come home with lice on more than 5 occasionas since our October 08 divorce. I have gone to pick her up on different occasions from his home and she is outside playing alone, with no supervision. Did I mention she was 3?? I know he is into drugs, crystal meth, marijuana, and pain killers as he was on all of this when we were together. My daughter also comes home sometimes looking sorta depressed, when asked what is wrong she tells me that her daddy was mean to his new wife and hit her (wife) and hollers at her (wife). Last time she went to visit she came home and told me her daddy slept the whole time she was there and her and her step-sister, also 3, played outside while daddy and the new wife were inside. He doesn't call and check on his daughter and promises he is coming to get her and then doesn't show up or call to tell her why he isn't showing up. My 3 year old is very intellegent for her age and doesn't miss anything. Her daddy was suppose to pick her up Monday and here it is Wednesday, she hasn't spoken to him since Saturday. The only time they talk on the phone is when I call her for him so she can talk to him. What can I do?? My daughter has seen enough in her very short 3 years and I want to protect her. Does anyone know of anything I cna do to keep him away from her??? :confused:

#506623 - 10/15/09 04:41 AM Re: Wanting to keep my daughter....... [Re: wla09]
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Contact your lawyer. You can file a emergancy change since your child is in danger. He isnt looking out for her wellbeing. Doucument everything, Pictures are very helpfull. Keep all reciepts of lice shampoo purchases, dates that u have to pick her up, when he dosent show up etc. Sounds like you have a good case for getting sole custody


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