So, I'm in a time crunch to make a decision so i don't have time to read thru a million posts so i'm hoping someone can help me! Hub and i are a done deal. we still live together. he's been the sole provider for me and our 2 kids while i'm a stay at home mom. the house is in my name because of his credit issues. if he moves out, there's no way i can make the house pymt because my little home based business doesn't pay enough. he wants me to move out because i have a friend who needs someone to take care of her house til November. it would be rent-free for me and the girls (and i would take the girls because he works all the time). what are his financial responsibilities to me? he would be due to pay me $700/mo in child support either way but says he can't afford to make the house pymt (if HE stays in it) AND child support. So...he said he'd give me $300/mo plus pay for all the girls needs except for food because I get food stamps AND I could take all the furniture from our current home. He says if I file for child support he will not stay in our current house because he "can't afford both" and so the house would default (and it's in MY name). UGH....can someone PLEASE help me? I went to Legal Aid and do qualify. But now can't get a lawyer on the phone to help me. I can't afford a non-legal aid lawyer. Who should move out? What are his responsibilities to me financially? We are in NM