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#510281 - 04/29/09 01:51 AM Soon to be ex being a pain
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Ok, im pretty annoyed right no, and have a few questions. I haven't had a chance to talk to my lawyer yet but my soon to be ex wife is telling me that during this divorce period that i am not allowed to have any contact with other women, im also being told that she can drag it out over 5 years. I need some clarification. I think what she is sayin is all BS.

#510282 - 06/03/09 04:41 PM Re: Soon to be ex being a pain [Re: fordjuice]
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You want to be careful. Do you live in a state were you can get a legal separation? I ask this because if you do have a "one night stand" or a girlfriend she may be able to get you for "cheating" or what ever else they want to call it..extra marital relationship.
As for dragging it out for five years, that is a bit extensive. In the state I live in you have to be separated for so much time before either party can file. Then you have the lengthy separation of assets, and the judge has I think three months to sign the final paperwork. I have never heard of such a thing of five year divorce. The only way I can see this happening is if she contests but after a while the judge would see right through her delays I would think. Also that would be so ridiculously would take a great lawyer to carry on a divorce for five years.


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