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#512535 - 05/26/09 05:22 PM Re: have question about child relocation [Re: Misslisa1017]
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I want so much to do right. I need relief from depression in myself about this so that I can find peace up here. Hard to find peace when your heart aches for your home and family. I wish I didnt feel this way and that I was ok about living here, but I cant seem to get to that place. People say that my kids are my family-true, they are, but to be with what is familiar to me-where I grew up and where my support system is-words cant describe the longing. I hurt so aweful. My life is torn in half it seems.

#512536 - 05/30/09 12:26 AM Re: have question about child relocation [Re: g8rgrl65]
Buckeye Offline
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Did you ever hear the saying, "You can't go back home"?

This will not be the same - you may think you can but things will be different, not the memories you have.

#512537 - 06/04/09 05:59 PM Re: have question about child relocation [Re: Buckeye]
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My hear aches. I want to go back home but I can tell you life is never the same. What is done is done and you have to move on no matter what. I did turn back once, fooled myself into believing things would go back tot eh way they were and knew it would take time. You just have to make the best of what you have and make yourself stronger in doing so.
This may sound harsh but I am speaking from experience.

#512538 - 06/04/09 08:26 PM Re: have question about child relocation [Re: ajs06]
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I greatly appreciate it. I already do have that gut feeling things wouldnt be the same. The one thing that matters most to me though is wanting to be near my wonderful brothers and sisters and my grown daughter and new grandchild.

#512539 - 06/21/12 04:38 PM Re: have question about child relocation [Re: Misslisa1017]
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I know this thread has been inactive for awhile, but thought I would piggyback on this thread instead of creating a new one. My question is pretty simple. I live in Wisconsin and within 10 miles of my ex-wife and 7 year old son. She sent me a certified letter stating her intent to move over 300 miles to Minnesota to live and to take Matthew. I currently see him a substantial amount of time and am filing a petition to attempt to block his relocation. My question I want to keep the Objection of Relocation petition/submittal to her and the court very generic at this point and only say I officially object and await mediation or do I at this point explain every single reason I object to the move, which includes rebuttal to statements my ex made in her certified letter to relocate? It is my thought that I should keep it simple at this juncture and not give away my hand, which will allow her significant time to do her homework in preparation for the mediation, of which I don't think she has done or will do if I don't list all of that information now. However, I'm not sure if the court wants to know all of this from me prior to the mediation. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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