i have raised my granddaughter all 7 yrs of her life. she has always been a daddys girl. he has always been in her life. just not always had a steady job or home for her. he has had the same girlfriend off and on for about 4 yrs. and for about 8 months the same job and home. he wants custody, she wants to live with daddy and i am all for it. sounds easy right? well we just went to court and i won a court order against his girlfriend that she cannot say the F... word around my granddaughter or physically abuse her or be alone with her without my sons presence. i filed this in august and as soon as they recieved the paperwork girlfriend straightened right up and is very good to granddaughter and most of the time to me. i have been letting her spend every wkend with them since about the begining of oct. with no problems. when my son asked the judge about getting custody he told him it is a good idea well i know it hasnt been to long since court order was issued but everything is good and she is willing to sign any agreement. my granddaughter belongs with her dad and they both want to be together so desperately. so how can i let her go and not get into trouble for violating the court order? they want this to happen over christmas break. sorry so windy just didnt know how to explain in short version.