So I find out now almost 2 months after I have been divorced that my Ex Wife is almost 7 months Pregnant, which means she was pregnant during our divorce, Right now she is getting alimony from me that I am trying to get stopped due to here destroying my house which I won back and had her kicked out of.

Along with that the guy she is living with already has a single 2 year old. So with my two kids that we have joint custody and this new kid she will have 4 kids at that house. I already know that my two boys are somewhat neglected there along with mistreated. I am going to want to go for full custody for many a reasons along with the fact that she does not work and doesn't really plan to do anything but suck $ from tax payers. The guy does not work as he is getting disability from the state of California.

Is there anything I should look into for doing all of this? I already have my lawyer involved for getting the alimony stopped for the damages to the house but I wonder if there is anything else I should be aware or ready for.

100% sure the new kid is not mine as I have not been with her for over a year