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#532124 - 07/09/09 08:48 PM May have made a mistake and lots of questions
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My husband and I have been married for 10 years and have three children together. For the past year or so our relationship has been up and down. We are both unemployed and were evicted from our home. Our plan was to move in with his mother(who lives 5 yrs from where we were living) for the summer to work and save money to move back to our area in august before our kids school started. A week before we are supposed to move, my husband informs me that only he and the kids are moving to his mom's house. He wants to separate for six months and then go from there. He has made it very clear that if I consult with an attorney then we are done and he will file for divorce and that isn't what I want right now. Everything is own his terms and he is control of everything. We did come up with a separation agreement that we both signed, but it isn't notiarized or signed by a witness. The agreement says that the kids will live with him .The agreement also says that his plan is to find a job in the area where I live and to move back here in august. Now his plan has changed and I do not think they are moving back. The agreement also says that because the kids live with him, he has the final say over all decisions involving the kids.

Did I screw myself over by signing that agreement without talking to an attorney first? Did I give up any chance of having custody of my kids should this end in divorce? I did find the number for legal aid in my area and plan on calling them, but I fear it may be too late.

#532125 - 07/10/09 02:44 AM Re: May have made a mistake and lots of questions [Re: pagirl]
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The " agreement " isn't worth the paper it's printed on .
Careful. We don't want to learn from this.

#532126 - 09/06/11 03:34 AM Re: May have made a mistake and lots of questions [Re: googledad]
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He's bullying you and your letting him. Take it from me, get those kids and get them now!!!!!

The agreement is not worth the paper it's written on.

Screw what he said about a lawyer, go right to the courthouse and get some free legal advice. He obviously isn't interested in what's good for you at all, he is only thinking of himself. Don't be scared, you gotta take care of you now and get your children. He's only in control if you let him be. GET GOOD LEGAL ADVICE AND GET IT NOW!!!!


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