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#533913 - 07/14/09 05:59 PM I need advice!
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So here is my crazy story...

I want a POV from an outside source..

I was married for 6 years we have 2 children 2 and 4. my husband is not the best of fathers. Doesn't watch the kids, cares more about parties ect..BUT he is their dad. So we had trust issues and he was planning an affair with a girl off craigslist when I found out about it. I tried to work it out but I couldn't so I left him. I got a roommate...which has lead into a relationship BUT not a sexual one. my STB ex cant handle that. He refuses to pay child support, he will take the kids on his days (we made a temp agreement with each other) and after 1 night says they miss me and brings them back. he parties all the time, drinks all the time, and a week after he moved out he had already slept with someone who just came up pregnant. He then admitted on cheating on me while we were together last year. we have agreed on a decree. BUT he didn't like how the complaint looks and doesn't believe me when I explain that the complaint isn't the final anything that the final decree is what is final...

im trying to get an uncontested divorce and he agrees on that but after reading the complaint wants to respond which turns to a contested divorce.

the advice I want is:
is there a chance I could loose custody of my kids if this turns into a custody battle?
is what he has done and I have proof of (sleeping with a woman a week after he left and got her pregnant) adultery???


#533914 - 07/17/09 05:34 PM Re: I need advice! [Re: Nicki_Strickland]
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I dont know about there but here in MN, they wont even let you say a word about infidelity.
dont know about the custody either I have to fight like crazy for mine.
just sorta rambling, dont take my word for it I'm mostly wrong.


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