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#538877 - 07/27/09 04:51 AM need help please
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Contempt hearing for STBX was last week for non-payment/short payment on CS and SS. I was not able to attend because I was out of town but was told to write letter with my side of the story which I did. At the first hearing (April) he tried to tell the officer that he made 10,000 less this year (self employed)but my lawyer and the officer said it was too early in the year to cite loss of income. I listed the lies he told at the first hearing plus pointed out how he has made no attempt at increasing his clientel and how he has done side jobs in the past but has not pursued any so far to make up for loss of income. I contacted domestics on Thursday to see what was decided and they told me that the officers recommendation order is currently being reviewed by the judge and I will recieve court order in the mail. So my question is: Is the court order for the contempt or for modification of support..or both?

Another question-he stated at the first hearing that he lived in an aprtment. He does not live in the apartment but lives with his girlfriend and her sister which means that his living expenses are less. Do they take that into considertion for SS?

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#538878 - 07/28/09 01:15 PM Re: need help please [Re: icwal]
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If this was a contempt hearing, it is for contempt, not modification.
Char Fox

#538879 - 07/29/09 03:24 PM Re: need help please [Re: almostheaven]
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yes, that makes sense.


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