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#54174 - 12/18/05 02:12 PM Claiming child on taxes
LisaWi2 Offline
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I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with.
I am wondering if there is anyway I can claim our daughter on my taxes this year?
2003 Court Order Mother awarded right even years, Father odd years.Order states- The provisions of this paragraph are conditioned upon the respective parties being otherwise eligible to claim the child according to IRS rules.

I signed a release for the tax year 2003 only.

2004 we went to court, I have sole custody and we set visitation(every other weekend and he gave most of that up)
I have her most the time, he is over $1,600.00 in child support arrears(would not hold steady job this year), he has never paid half of medical costs and owes 400.00(court ordered). I carry her on health insurance(he is also court ordered to,but does not) Is there any way I can claim her this year?
he laughs and said the credit he gets will get intercepted, so he is not really paying for her, while all year i had to struggle to pay preschool plus keep a roof over our heads. I have a 13 year steady job, but it is stillgets tight for us.
any information would be appriciated
Thank You

#54175 - 01/08/06 03:42 PM Re: Claiming child on taxes [Re: LisaWi2]
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So your divorce decree states that you get every other year, and this is not your year to claim. So, no, you can not claim your daughter. Even though you did not sign off on this year all your ex has to do is send in a copy of the divorce decree and if you also tried to claim your daughter you'd be in trouble. You could try to do a tax intercept so that his refund comes to you since he has so much in arrearages. I'm not sure how to do that, but someone on the child support forum would know.

#54176 - 01/11/06 07:09 PM Re: Claiming child on taxes [Re: hippie1981]
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Your order is the rule of the case. If you did not change the order with regard to teh dependency exemption, it could be contempt to file in any way contrary to your existing order.

For Wisconsin issues visit


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