Hi I was wondering if anyone would have any information about the calculation of child support using my ex's schedule c as his gross income. I just went to court for a modification and was amazed that out of $267,000. a year income my ex claims he only nets $21,000. a year! Child support was reduced to $272 from $1114 previously. It's a long story really but I am on disability with 2 kids and although he makes that kind of money and owns all the things to show it, alas I could no afford a lawyer and he had a pricey one. So the judge set his gross monthly income after all of his "business deductions" on his schedule c, which I received no copy of at a measly $1700. a month. The guy who does his taxes is dirty and falsified the form submitted but I have no proof. His house payment, BMW, and brand new truck is more than the $1700 a month. If you could offer me any advice of what I can do now it would be very much appreciated. I found out today that I qualify for food stamps. My ex told me that I should go to work, that there really isn't anything wrong with me and this would make me go to work... What about the welfare of the kids?