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#560641 - 09/27/09 09:15 PM He left us with nothing
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My husband and I have been together 19yrs and married for 11yrs. We met in high school and I had our oldest son when I was 15yrs old. weve been together every since. The funny thing is weve always got along great and had a very and I mean very active and I mean very active sex life. We have two sons 18yrs and 9yrs. He makes a decent living, so we both decided I could go back to school and I'm on my second year. I had no clue that we even had a problem in our marriage at all. The night before he left we had our date night and went to dinner, then met some friends at a bar and had some drinks, we had a blast, after that we went home and had some great sex! The next mourning he had to work when he left he gave me a kiss said that he loved me and left and never came back. I didn't here from him for over a 2 weeks and all he said was it was over, I'm having the power shut off, I gave the landlord 30days notice and that I'll have to figure out where to go, He drained our account I have no job and right now we are staying with a friend I cant get all my stuff out cuz I have no where to take it. He is giving me no money at all. Can someone HELP me PLEASE!!!!!!!

#560642 - 09/28/09 08:49 PM Re: He left us with nothing [Re: lostanddrowning]
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What county? One of the first things you need to do is go to your county courthouse and file for divorce (it will cost something like $185) They do have forms for people who have no money so the fees can be waived. In the same packet of forms that you file for divorce, you can ask for temp custody, spousal support and child support.

And you should start looking for work so you and your boys aren't in this instability longer than necessary. You may be able to talk to your landlord and see if the lease can be redone and you rent the home.
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#560643 - 10/18/09 09:54 PM Re: He left us with nothing [Re: Gestalt]
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which country are you in? hopefully not WINNEBAGO! But if you are, I can give you a little of what to expect....

#560644 - 10/18/09 09:54 PM Re: He left us with nothing [Re: lisamey01]
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i meant county


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