My husband moved to another state 3 years ago, owns his home outright (paid for by me through equity pulled out of our house).I live in mass, he lives in vt. I have a feeling he may give me a hard time about filing even though we have always agreed in the past on terms. He became an actual vt resident 3 years ago. We have never been legally separated.

In MA there is no-fault divorce. Can I do-it-yourself, file the papers without him signing and just have him served? If he does not sign them within the time limit do I just get what I stated in the papers if the judge agrees. I just want our home outright (mortgage is in my name, deed is in both) joint custody of two teenage children and he keeps his house, We have no joint debt, all credit cards and loans are in separate names.

If I cannot file without him, what is my next step?