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#561448 - 09/30/09 03:13 AM non payment of support
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Hi everyone. I am new here, and I am quite sure how to navigate... Here is my situation. My ex and I both live in SD and our divorce was final in '02. we had 3 minor children at that time, ages 14, 12, and 4. He paid cs for a few months prior to the divorce, then stopped and started running. We split in July '01. He has been on the run every since. CS catches up with him periodically, and then he runs again. He bounces back and forth across the state and into Colorado. He has not filed a tax return since '04. He does not have an official job, and works under the table. He currently has not paid anything since the last IRS tax refund was given to me in '04. He owes $35,000. I just have one child left at home and she hardly has had the opportunity to know him. In the last 2 years he has kind of stayed put in or near the same city. My older children have contact with him and they have taken the younger to see him a few times. She has his email address and they have maintained some contact thru that. I know that when child support catches up with him again, he will be gone again. I have reported to my case manager all the info I know about his wife. On paper my ex does not exist, much less live with his wife. She is raising her grandchildren as her daughter is in jail. She recieves title 19, housing, food stamps etc.Somehow, my caseworker has not been able to catch up with him thru her. I feel like my case is not being given adequate attention. Part of me is ok with that, part of me is angry. He is finally having some contact with the kids,and I know when they catch up with him again he will run, but dang it he owes $35,000! I have a friend whose husband owed back child support as he was unemployed for a few months, they picked him up and he had to pony up the $1000, or go to jail for the weekend and still pony up within a specified time. His case is managed west river, mine east river. I live west river. Are the rules so different on the opposite sides of the state? What do I do? Allright, thanks for letting me vent and if you have any suggestions, let me know!

#561449 - 12/15/10 11:09 PM Re: non payment of support [Re: broke_not_broken]
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This looks like a website that I should visit more often. Well, atleast now I am a part of it now. I love the internet!
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