Hi all,

Here is my issue...

My spouse and I are currently separated. I am in the Military, and living in Arizona. We got married in Tennessee, but I filed in here in AZ. She left 2 months ago and moved to Georgia to live with her brother. She just got served 2 days ago, and Arizona law gives her 30 days to respond if she wants to contest. Originally, we made an agreement, signed and notarized saying that I do not owe her any alimony or support in living. She is now asking me to pay for her health insurance once the divorce is final. She is saying that since she left she has had anxiety attacks and been in the hospital twice because of it. She is also saying that this is all my fault with the divorce and the emotional struggle she is going through with the separation. However, it was her choice to leave. She has not been looking for a job within the 2 months she's been in GA, nor has she tried to establish her life there. But then, I also can't prove that in court.

My question is. Does anyone know Arizona or military law about this topic?

Like I said she got served last Friday, and has 30 days to write the court. She is saying that she will ask for me to pay for her health insurance until she can find a job. But we all know how the unemployment market is going now adays. She also asked me for the name and address of my lawyer. I have not retained one yet, because I was told that she first needs to write the court. Then, if they want to have a hearing, then get one.

Thanks in advance for your advice!