I'm a 47YO male with 1 son. Over the past 12 years I have dealt with depression and after reading the Emotional Abuse attributes believe that I am a victim as is my son. My son and ex have NOT had a good relationship for many years and the court is forcing them together to try and mend it. My son, who is 14YO, often refuses to spend time with his mom. I am being told to "encourage" their visits but the visits physically make him sick. I do encourage and support the visits but I refuse to force the visits since he is capable of making that choice and I am not responsible for well-being of their relationship. I have offered unlimited parenting time to my ex provided she and my son mutually agree as I don't not want to be in the middle. She has never taken advantage of the offer. She is extremely demanding and has been arrogant to me just as she was when we were together. She removed all affection, affirmation and sex from our relationship over 7 years ago and has been very critical of me. I have documented everything that has happened over the past 18 months. I need help determining/verifying that this is in-fact emotional abuse and how to convince a biased court system. I have a very good attorney but there are not many attorneys who are willing to take on this type of case because they need to maintain a working relationship with the court system. I have written up a document that addresses each and every item described in the divorce guidelines and how it applies in this case but I need third party verification. Does anyone have any suggestions?