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#59085 - 01/03/06 08:03 PM Parenting Plan
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Can a parenting plan be changed in the state of Washington, to allow for more visatation with a child? My husband has very limited visatation for no reason. He pays child support, never has missed any or been late(it comes straight out of check). His ex wife does not allow him to see the child anymore, because of me.

#59086 - 01/16/06 12:48 AM Re: Parenting Plan [Re: skeeter]
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A parenting plan can be changed in any state, as far as I know. Most states want there to be a _reason_ for the change, otherwise people would just go back to court every six months hoping to change a decision that was already made. If his ex-wife is not allowing him to see the child, then that is a good reason to go back to court and then while you are there you can also ask to have the parenting plan modified. You should have a good plan already set up to present to the judge. Don't just go in there and say "we want more time" because, unfortunately, that's not enough.

Can you give us more details? What does his current court order say? How long has she been cancelling visits?


#59087 - 10/30/06 08:01 AM Re: Parenting Plan [Re: Cinder2]
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There is movement towards passing a law in Washington State for "Presumptive" Shared Parenting. Senator Kastama is the author of the bill, and he will be pushing it out to the State Senate in 2007. If you are interesting in more time with the kids, this bill is an excellent way to get the State to allow equal time with the kids for both parents. I've been following a blog at that discusses shared parenting items in Washington State. Get active on it, I am. We have to make our thoughts known if we are going to help our kids out. Kids need both parents in their lives.


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