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#594321 - 01/02/10 02:45 AM grandparent concerns/in-laws
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What are the laws in MN regarding grandparent rights? I want to terminate my in-law's grandparenting rights for several reasons. (see below)

I have two boys (age 3 and 2). One of my boys has a terminal illness/disability. Their dad's parents have seen the boys less than 6 times since my oldest was born. These are the same people who walked out on my oldest son's 2nd birthday-without telling anyone- because they wanted to attend their health clubs grand reopening; they also do not give gifts to the kids in fear of spoiling them (although gifts are given to their dad's sisters kids). They also refused to see, assist, help or acknowledge the younger son's terminal illness. Their dad had to beg the grandparents to see the kids. The above is 'small' in regards to the bigger picture: the grandparents state they never wanted to be parents, they didn't want kids (in front of my stbx), etc...

The grandparents own divorce has been wrought with the same issues as my stbx (emotional abuse, threatening divorce, silent treatment, and possible hiding of money).

Their dad's father/grandfather has been diagnosed as bipolar disease/disorder.

My attorney says that in MN unless there is physical or sexual abuse; not much can be done. The stbx was in agreeance when we were 'together'; now he has changed his tune and says that I have made all of this up.

Please advise and thanks.

#594322 - 01/14/10 09:06 PM Re: grandparent concerns/in-laws [Re: TnTsMom]
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Grandaparents have the right to intervene in an existing action or commence their own action for grandparenting time if the parents are divorced, legally separated, or there was a paternity acti8on. They also have granparenting time rights if they have cared for the children for an extended period of time.

You cannot terminate those rights. You can challenge them if asserted.

For Minnesota issues visit


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