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#595236 - 01/05/10 11:39 PM international divorce
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We have been married for nearly 10 years. My wife is from France and now she is asking for divorce. We have two small children. She wants to move back to France and live there permanently. It will be uncontested divorce, as we will agree on all divorce conditions between ourselves and I will allow her to take children. She promise to bring them here every year, and that I can always come to visit them. If we file for divorce, what will be recommendations in our case, can we do it pro se? It is very important for me to be able to visit them and stay in touch over internet and so on (and have legal right for it). Any feedback is appreciated.

#595237 - 01/26/10 11:23 PM Re: international divorce [Re: alb_lost]
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Yes, you can do it on your own but MAKE SURE you put ALL that you want - visits (when, how, who will pay), contact (phone, internet, when and how - will they have their own computers? What time of day and on what days?) VERY SPECIFICALLY in the agreement so that you have something that can be enforced. You can later informally agree to change what you have if it doesn't work, but if you have a vague order, then it's hard to enforce and it will be hard to get her back from overseas if she doesn't comply. Once she's gone you'll have a hard time making any changes if she stops being reasonable.

Good luck.
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#595238 - 01/29/10 05:14 PM Re: international divorce [Re: alb_lost]
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You can prevent your spouse from leaving the state or the country by filing the appropriate motion. It is generally not to yours or your children's best interest to have your wife leave the country. However, if you choose to allow her to do so, you may have all kinds of visitation problems in seeing your children, even if you have specific vistitation orders-the enforcement of which will be stressful to all parties and extremely expensive on the attorney's fees and cost side of the equation. I strongly suggest that if she wants to leave, that you take custody of your children and let her do the visiting, in the USA.

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