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#597600 - 01/12/10 10:25 AM Uncontested filed, and find out she's cheating
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We were married 20 years, with 16 and 4 yr old boys
have filed uncontested divorce, I let her have everything, except $50,000 out of $500,000 in home equity (under contract to be sold), $230,000 in 401K, $150,000 in savings, wanted her to have everything for our kids and she be set for life. final court date is fast approaching and I find out she was/is having an affair
Now I change my mind and want half of everything except for savings account. I do not want a messy or drag this thing out for sake of kids and my sanity, she agrees to split half and also do not want to drag it out and she will sign and notarize a promisary note.
any advice is appreciated

#597601 - 03/06/11 02:36 AM Re: Uncontested filed, and find out she's cheating [Re: atljoe]
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Get a lawyer and let him know what's changed. You can get the court date put off in light of new information. Then he can draw up a settlement for you two. If she balks, you have a lawyer and are prepared. Trust me. I didn't want anything messy either. After negotiating with my wife and agreeing to her requests she changed her mind and got a lawyer. Don't think you're wife won't do the same. Be prepared.


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