Judge did not order- but request, suggest mediation. Ex has refused for quite some time. Have temp. order for parentintg time/visitation, which they ex has interfered w/ on a regular basis. Much documentation to prove this. (Texts, etc..)
Have a pre-trial hearing later this month to request hearing for trial for more parenting time and other reasonable requests. Have more than sufficient documentation of interference of parenting time, refusal to sign releases for medical/dental/school records.
Child's grades are failing, emails from school teacher, counselor and office to document. Worst report since Kgtn.
Temp order has been in effect since Nov. 2009- realize this is a short time period, but have documentation to show that grades, etc.. have been affected and relationship w/ NCP is affected as well. Have documentation from teacher and counselor. Any thoughts? Any ?'s please send PM. Will be open to any ideas/suggestions.