Regarding statute 452-340.5 where child support continues until age 22 if the child continues with higher education -

I found a case law that contains the following:

"The notification requirements of section [452.340.5] are designed to make sure that the 'non-custodial parent can insure that their children are using [their] child support payments to actually obtain a college education.'" Peine, 200 S.W.3d at 573 (quoting Rogers v. Rogers, 87 S.W.3d 368, 371-73 (Mo.App. 2002)).


This suggests to me that the courts "may" interpret that Child Support after the age of 18 is, in fact, intended to be for the primary purpose of higher education.

I am hoping that the primary costs associated with attending college will be paid directly from the continued child support and that no additional costs should be born by me.

Does anyone know for sure about this?