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#610630 - 07/18/10 03:36 AM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: 1004SRS]
Maury Offline
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"I just explained to our children that their last name is always going to be DeCock just like their little sister and their new baby brother."

Decock? Have you ever considered a name change yourself?

#610631 - 07/23/10 11:55 PM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: Maury]
TimeWithOurKids Offline

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No when it is said right it sounds just like DeCook just spelled like DeCock. I know it is different and kids will make fun of it at some point just like they did when I was in school growing up. But it helps when you talk to the teachers and explain to them that to say it like it is spelled like DeCook. So most people dont know that it is actualy spelled DeCock.

#610632 - 07/25/11 05:28 AM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: 1004SRS]
ryanasr Offline

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Thats crazy, she is just confusing the kids to get back at you.

#610633 - 07/28/11 02:31 PM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: 1004SRS]
manderson Offline

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Don't let the kids confused there last name. Better follow what's on the the birth certificate, so it won't be an issue later when they grow up.

#610634 - 08/30/11 02:09 AM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: elliesmom]
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My daughter had her son's last name changed leagally without the consent of his birthfather. She filled out the paper work, took it to the judge, picked it up a week later. $250 and his name is even changed on his birth certificate. BF's name is still on the bc, but grandson's last name is now that of his SD. I seriously don't think BF knows about it.

#610635 - 08/21/12 04:47 AM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: 1004SRS]
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She has no right to do that without your express permission especially whiles you are alive. Tell the children you are their Dad and that is it. They bear your name as long as they are minors.

#610636 - 07/05/16 11:33 AM Re: Name Change ex wife getting remarried [Re: TimeWithOurKids]
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Thank you, Iíve just been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest Iíve discovered till now.

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