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#616058 - 03/09/10 07:03 PM Default Divorce and Child Support
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My brother (the petitioner) filed for a Divorce. His wife (the respondent) has never responded, so it has been entered into Default. His wife moved half way across the country with their 17 year old daughter which he agreed to. He has been depositing money into his wife's bank account faithfully for support for their daughter. My brother is not asking for any custody, because his daughter is almost 18 and it is impossible for her to come visit with her job and school. My questions are: Does his wife have any rights to respond now that the divorce has been entered into Default? Will child support be ordered for my brother (the petitioner) to pay, even if his wife (the respondent)has not responded or is requesting court ordered child support? If so, how do they figure an amount of child support if they don't have income info from her and how will the court send her the money if they don't have any info. to send it to her?

#616059 - 04/07/10 01:46 AM Re: Default Divorce and Child Support [Re: minkatlin]
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Take a look at the following link for the Maricopa County Superior Courts. Read the section "How can I get a default hearing?" There are several things that have to be done first and she DOES have additional time to file once she gets the Application and Affidavit of Default.


Are you telling me your brother has NO idea where is daughter and ex are?


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