My husband and I relocated to IA 2 years ago. We were having marriage problems before the move due to his infidelity. I did not know at that time if I wanted to get divorced but now I am pretty sure I do. Can someone give me a basic idea of how it works in Iowa. We have been married 31 years and he has been the main provider while I stayed home raising our family. During our marriage we have moved 13 times due to job relocations so I spent all my time making sure we assimilated into each of the communities we move to and staying with the kids during his extensive travels. He does not want to pay me any alimony, he does not feel I am entitled to his money. We only have one child left in college. I would like to file for divorce and move to another state to begin my life again. Do I have to remain in Iowa to get alimony and proper consideration by the court?