My girlfriend's ex-husband is unfit and has shown himself so repeatedly. He has now relocated about 400 miles away with her oldest child to live with a woman he met on the internet and decided to give up his job and move 400 miles away to live with her and her 5 children.

The custody agreement, which took hold this past December has the two children under joint custody, with my girlfriend having physical custody of the younger girl, and the ex-husband having physical custody of the older one.

When I began dating her, the ex-husband began a campaign of harassment against us. He'd call my girlfriend 30 times a day, cursing and yelling. He emailed threats to accuse me of child molestation and ruin my career.

I brought his threat to the attention of the police here. He ended up being convicted, but walked out of court smug of face with just a $323 fine. Then he called my girlfriend and said he was not allowing visitation of the oldest girl and would be taking her 400 miles away to live with his new "wife."

Little did we know, he had lied and is not actually married.

This fellow has shown himself unfit to take care of a pet rock let alone a diabetic child. He let her get to such a point of high bloodsugar that she nearly died and had to be hospitalized for over a week.

The problem is . . . no money. The lawyer who handled her divorce wanted $3,000 up front. She's calling Legal Aid, leaving messages, but not getting answers. Her income is low enough to qualify.

What can we do that won't cost us all we own?