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#627000 - 04/10/10 12:47 PM Re: Hate to complain, but fed up. Need advice.

[quote]Hey all, I am knew to post, but have lurked for quite awhile. I recently took NCP back for child support mod. We were divorced 3 years ago, and he supplied the courts with a 40hr check, when he hasn't worked less than 60 hrs a week in over 10 years. Anyways, I was awarded CS but considerably lower than it should have been.

Anyways, 3 years later, after making sure I completely met all rules for CS mod, age brackets, more than 10% difference, and 3 years for review, I took the EX back.

Once it was filed, he asked me to negotiate with him, which I tried to do, I really tried, but then he started objecting to things I wanted, so I decided the FAIR thing to do was let the judge handle it.

After tons of drama with the whole thing, the CS mod was awarded with over a $700 increase per month, and made retroactive to basically the date I filed. As it stands now, EX has yet to pay anything this month, and refuses to give work info, so we can send the IWO.

Now...he has always paid his CS, somewhere between the 5th and the 10th of the month. Of course anytime we argue, he holds it longer, I guess as a control issue.

I am really, really fed up with this. He has cut off our kids from anything extra he has given them in the past, from gas money, to eating out, stating that he gives me all his money, yet I havent' received a dime from him since the mod went into effect, and I am tired of my 4 and 6 year old, mad at me, because they say I spent all of Daddys money and didn't even buy them MCDs. WTH??

So, will CSE take this on, even if he isn't quite 30 days past due, but is already owes the kids close to $3000?

The only thing I have at the moment on my side is we did include in the order, that he can't take tax deduction unless he is current for the year. [/quote]

If he is "required" to work 40hrs and on his own chooses to work 60. it's just pure greed to go back trying to grab more. What happens if the company scales back his hours? Or he finds it too tiring? Then he bring you back and gets a reduction.

#627001 - 04/12/10 08:21 PM Re: Hate to complain, but fed up. Need advice.
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Which I completely welcome him to do.


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