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#628758 - 06/25/10 11:55 AM Re: moving children out of state [Re: 7r9s]
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If I was your X, I would fight for full custody with you paying Travel expenses and child support. A step-dad doesn't make an intact family. It sounds like the kids' Dad is involved, not one that doesn't see the kids.

Personally, I am stuck in a po-dunk town with not many opportunities for job growth for me. My extended family lives about 450 miles away. But because my kids Dad is here, I am here with them.

I chose to have children with someone that lives in po-dunk. So, I have to stay here. It is a grown-up, but hard decision that I have had to make.

#628759 - 02/22/12 05:22 PM Re: moving children out of state [Re: 1004SRS]
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i just want to thank the OP for her efforts and creative thinking in working to maintain the current custody arrangement after relocation.

i am in a similar situation to her ex, in which I receive 146 days a year with my children, and my ex has now relocated out of state and has told me if I want to exercise parent time I have to drive 250 miles or relocate to the same state he/she now lives in with our children.

i agree with 1004SRS however in that I am now very inclined to fight for full custody with my ex paying all travel expenses.

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