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#630371 - 04/22/10 04:14 PM looking forward to Mediation
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So I am scheduled for mediation with the stbx in a few weeks.

Ths stbx has threatened to NOT to agree to things, and send things to trial(because i wont py for her lawyer,etc). This whole divorce thing has been going on over six months,largely due to her, and her lawyer stalling and delaying with disagreements(and BS agreements actually). I would really like things to be settled and I am not concerned with keeping much of anything. But I have had to disagree to paying for her lawyer, high CS payments and visitation issues.

I am looking for some advice on mediation. I will soon talk it over with my lawyer also. apparently we will be bringing financial affidavits and other documents.

Are all these financial amounts going to be verified ??

What should I look out for, what should I make to add on, what should I be aware of when preparing to turn these papers over ??

During mediation, do the disagreements get settled by law
(Finally) ?

thanks for any advice

#630372 - 05/10/10 11:08 PM Re: looking forward to Mediation [Re: gotsloppy]
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It's merely a chance for the two of you to try and find a way to work out some differences of opinion and come to some sort of agreement regarding your child(ren).
In my experience, you can take any document to mediation that you wish. However, when I offered documentation to our mediators, they had NO interest in reviewing them.
Mediation is a great concept, if it's offered to two parties who are willing to be flexible and willing to keep an open mind. This is usually not the case when it comes to divorce/custody/visitation/child support issues.
My best advice is; focus on what's best for the child(ren)- not what's best for you or the other parent. Good luck to you, and to your child(ren).
"Whoever established the high-road, and how high it should be, should be fired." Sandra Bullock

#630373 - 06/27/10 06:51 PM Re: looking forward to Mediation [Re: PeteSake]
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Mediation is more for people who agree to things but maybe need help setting it up.
If the ex is not agreeing, then paying a mediator will be a waste of money. I mean why pay a mediator only to pay a real attorney later?

#630374 - 02/28/12 08:28 PM Re: looking forward to Mediation [Re: Contour]
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