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#63376 - 01/12/06 11:02 PM Claiming taxes
mytwogirls Offline
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My boyfriend and his ex have nothing in their divorce decree regarding claiming the children at income tax time. They have three children & he would like to claim when. She is telling him no. Does he have any rights?

#63377 - 01/13/06 02:21 AM Re: Claiming taxes [Re: mytwogirls]
Rebecca5 Offline
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If it's not addressed in their court order, the custodial parent claims the children. If the custodial parent were willing to give the exemptions to the non-custodial parent, the custodial parent would have to sign the IRS release form. The other option is to return to expensive process by most accounts.

#63378 - 01/13/06 04:43 PM Re: Claiming taxes [Re: mytwogirls]
Miranda Offline
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Rebecca is right...absent of a court order the IRS has it's own guidelines regarding who can claim a child. Go to and read up on who can claim the kids.
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#63379 - 02/18/06 05:33 AM Re: Claiming taxes [Re: Miranda]
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I have to agree with Miranda and Rebecca. My ex and I were never married but we are currently going through the same situation with the whole who is going to claim our son. I have sole custody and just recently took him to court to increase his child support due to him recieving a new job and went from making 8 an hour to 18 and hour. and when i did that he decided to petition and joint parenting agreement and wants to claim our son every other year. I say no because he resides with me and even if i sign the agreement it states I have full sole residential custody with his father having liable visitation. with if you count full days its about 150 days a year if you count hours its only 72 days a year. So its true the residential parent or custiodial parent will claim the child unless they agree to let the other party claim. And in my case Im not in agreement and I get to go before the judge and have him decide for us. And yes the court costs are insane but if you stand your ground and believe what you feel is right then it may work out in the long run. But at the same time you are taking a chance that it might not work and wont get what you want.


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