Hi all.
I have just decieded to file for divorce. I have not filed any papers yet. I have my first appointment with my lawyer on the 18th. I have a question regaurding housing. We recently had a house fire. The house is in My and My Stepdad's name was purchesed before our marriage, and she has a house in her own name that is being rented at the present time. The insurance policy of course was in my name. The insurance company has put us up in a rental house. Repairs to the house should be done by the 31st of May. So thats the background to my question. My question is can I keep her from moving back into the house when the repairs are complete?? All belongings were either lost in the fire and what has been repaired or cleaned is in storage so there is no property in the house. I hope that is enough information to answer my question.

Tanks All.