1st of all did you ever think of moving out of your parents place.that just might be the root of the problem.living with parents or in-law. because when your get in parent home or in-laws home the parent factor takes over,and the parent(s)want to tell you what you should do. you,your wife & kids go stay at motel for 1 night im telling you, you will see some of the frustration ease up alittle bit,by getting away for a little while.get out of your parents place.GIVE THEM A BREAK.get your own place 1st an if that doesn't work then go the divirce route.but trust me you think its bad now, just wait till the divorce starts. im sorry to have too tell you this but grandparents have no rights in court,or in your divorce. they can tell their side of the story but thats all they can do.a judge dosent care about grandparents unless you or your wife are unfit to care for or raise your child/children.they raised you now you need to grow up and take care of your own family. you think divorce is the easy way out! (there is no easy way out)!you have a child and your wife has you and 2 children that is for the rest of your lifes! i've been thru alot in the last 10 yrs,with my own divorce,and my children.you think its going too be hard on you, just think about,how the children are going to feel when they get a little older.when your dropping off and picking up your child and they cry because they want too stay with mom,or stay with dad.thats what hurts the most,and deep down in your heart you know you've done nothing too make them not want to go with you or her!