I have a visitation order for my 15 yr old daughter. My ex has alienated her against me since she was 10. Now he is telling her that she does not have to visit with me if she does not want. Along with other lies. We had a contempt hearing that ran out of time and is going to be continued on Aug. 30. At this time I have not seen my daughter in 2 months and her father was directed by the master to make visitation happen. However, him and his attorney told her that she does not have to visit with me. I am being told that there is nothing I can do but wait till Aug 30 for the contempt hearing to be finished. That is a complete injustice as the reason he has her now is because he took her and was able to get an emergency hearing granting him custody of her. then intimidating me into a consent order giving him sole legal custody. There is not a day that goes by that I do not regret agreeing to that. Is there any type of emergency hearing to force him to let me see her? Please help, I am loosing my mind over this crazy situation. Thanks.