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#646827 - 06/28/10 07:24 PM QDRO and Pension Questions
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My ex and I are about to get our QDROs done. One question that I have is that 2 of the accounts are pension accounts he has (not retired yet)... one military and one private company.

Is there anyway I can "cash-out" on these and just roll them into a traditional IRA account or am I just stuck with however the company and army manage them?

#646828 - 08/07/10 08:08 PM Re: QDRO and Pension Questions [Re: brill]
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You could ask your ex to "buy you out" of his pension. Meaning, you settle on a cash settlement.....he may have to take out an home equity loan, or some other such loan to pay you, but you would then get the money now to do with as you like, regardless of when he retires or doesn't retire, and he can get his entire pension when the time comes and not have to worry if he will be able to retire........

#646829 - 08/07/10 08:10 PM Re: QDRO and Pension Questions [Re: Eve]
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One other thing......You will probably have to take less then you would if you wait until he retires, but that is the trade get less,...but you get the money NOW......"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush...."


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