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#648154 - 07/03/10 01:45 PM Divorce Decree
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I have been divorced for 4 months.I have been in a chapter 13 for three years. I was awarded the home and a truck. Both are in the bankruptcy. The home was in my name only the truck is in both names. I work out of town for 3 weeks a month. My ex did give me a gift waiver for the truck but the DMV said there is a lien on it and can't remove her name off of the title.She is not involved in the bankruptcy. When i was gone she came and took the truck the police wont do anything! She said that since i cant remove her name from title she is responsible for the payments and since it is in the chapter 13 she can take my name off of it and keep it. I have not missed a payment and can not get a new loan. Can someone please help me?

#648155 - 07/03/10 09:47 PM Re: Divorce Decree [Re: 1970]
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Guess not!!!!!

#648156 - 07/07/10 03:07 PM Re: Divorce Decree [Re: 1970]
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You need to post this on another board, nobody visits the Missouri link.
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#648157 - 07/11/10 04:08 AM Re: Divorce Decree [Re: LeAnne]
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You really need to get some help here on your rights with the truck.
An excellent resource for self-represented people is
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