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#652747 - 07/24/10 09:11 PM Help, my ex won't return my 16 month old!!
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For my smiley boy...

This is my cry to the universe for help for my baby to be returned to me. I realize that if there was ever a time where I needed help - it is now. Briefly, I am getting out of a marriage with an abusive man who is seeking sole custody of our 16-month old son. Before our separation, I was a stay-at-home mom of four (I had 3 children from another marriage). I am grateful to get out of the marriage. It was a nightmare of physical and emotional abuse, infidelity, alcoholism, rage states, and physical and financial abandonment. And that's where I am now. He drained our bank accounts and is not supporting us and is refusing to return Peter to me after 3 weeks of my daily requests. I've gone back to temporary work, asked agencies for help, am asking friends and family, but I need to retain a lawyer because of his hot legal pursuit of me for custody and I just don't have the means. Everything is in the works, but nothing concrete yet, except a Temporary Custody court date in September, and now I'm working against the clock. So this is my plea for help. I am asking that you help return a baby to his mother. I am not a person to ask a lot of people - but this is my baby. Please, if there is anything that you can give, anything at all, to help me retain a lawyer, I would be forever grateful. I will be posting a blog as events happen if you want to keep up with things. Thank you from me and from my children. Please visit my website and blog with my story at [censored] to help. Thanks.

#652748 - 09/09/10 04:36 AM Re: Help, my ex won't return my 16 month old!! [Re: thepeterproject]
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Hi. I saw your post. I tried to go to the web page specified in this post...It doesn't exist. What happened? Did you get your son? I would like to help but not being able to view the page that seemed was set up for your cause doesnt look very good, or true.


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