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#652752 - 07/25/10 01:29 AM Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up!
kathy002 Offline

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I am curious as to how many folks out there are have lost a spouse due them connecting with someone else on Facebook.

My husband of nearly 20 years abandoned my daughter and me after he connected with someone (someTHING?) on Facebook. My daughter was in her senior year of high school, too. He claimed he was unhappy and wanted to be blissfully happy. We had no earthly idea he was unhappy - then he abandoned us and moved right in with 'it' from FB.

I am not blaming FB and I clearly understand that my ex was fully and completely responsible for his actions. I also understand that someone who will cheat will find a way to do it, regardless of social media and whatnot.

However, I still believe that social media like FB has opened many doors that would normally have been closed.

What do you think? What is your experience?


#652753 - 08/02/10 05:33 PM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: kathy002]
yregna Offline

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You play the victim pretty well, how much did you bank when the divorce settlement was finalized ?
"Anything free is worth what you pay for it..." "Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get"

#652754 - 12/23/10 05:01 PM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: yregna]
mentalist Offline

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Loc: Manchester, England're a bloody idiot.
How can you move forward if you keep looking back....

#652755 - 07/12/11 12:00 PM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: mentalist]
cdelk Offline

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Last year, I found my wife having an emotional affair that started with FaceBook. I was totally trusting and unaware of what was happening. I still cannot understand why she would trade 23 years of marriage for this online affair.

#652756 - 08/31/11 12:49 AM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: cdelk]
jswmpb Offline

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I think FB sucks! I mean at first it was a great way to reconnect but I've found my husband truly reconnecting with people from the past. Honestly, if it was meant to happen, it would have happened anyway, FB just made it easier...

#652757 - 10/09/11 11:41 PM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: jswmpb]
Max71 Offline

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He won't find happiness, but this sort of thing is getting more and more common. People are convinced that they're entitled to happiness... even deserving of it, so much that they believe it should be handed to them on a silver platter. While Facebook can be used for social networking in its various forms, one of the primary functions of Facebook and the people using it, is dating. Married people should avoid sites like Facebook for the same reason a sober alcoholic would avoid a bar.

Add to your vows... "Til death do us part.... Even if we aren't happy... Even if we're f**king miserable.... even if we were young and stupid..." Start by defining the terms going in. No more stupid excuses for people to break their promises.

#652758 - 04/20/14 10:36 AM Re: Just Curious: FACEBOOK widows speak up! [Re: Max71]
JoeSr Offline

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Facebook happened to my marriage, too, after twenty years. My wife reconnected on Facebook with an old high school friend, then began texting, then meetings, then an affair, and now divorce. Facebook is just a "tool", but what matters is how it's used.


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