Hi everyone... I'm new here. Not sure why it took so long. Been seperated and filed for divorce a year ago. He was fighting for 50/50 placement. So we paid for the GAL that the judge ordered. He gave up his fight and I got full placement. The only reason I fought it was because my ex's son lives with him and has molested both our girls ages 8 and 5. After the GAL was dismissed i learned some disturbing stuff about what goes on at ex's house in regards to my stepson. He is also fighting me on child support/maintenence. I was a stay at home mom to 5 kids (his, mine and ours) during our 8.5 yr marraige. I have had alot of health issues the last 5 yrs. I am still not working. He makes 5700/month and does not want to pay maintence and only expects to pay 600/month in child support for two kids. I am asking for 300/month in maintenance and 1100/child support... the same as I had been getting for the last year but now he wants to change it. I am also writing the judge to get the GAL assigned again since this new info has come up. Any suggestions on what to do about visiation? I just don't want my girls there when his son is there!!! Also child support and maintenance... he is saying I shouldn't get maintenance because we were only married for 8.5 years. Is that true???