Greetings. I will try to be brief.
The simple question first-
Is it possible to get a loan to simply buy-out my ex-wife rather than completely refinance? Depending upon which appraisal you look at the home is between $323 and $380, so if I meet in the middle, it would be about $355. I owe $116 on it. The problem with a complete refi right now is that my work is seaonal and my income right now is marginal according to traditional financing methods. I know I have the ability to make the loan payments.

The more complicated part of this is that just a few months prior to her serving me with papers, I signed what amounts to a personal guarantee for a $500k loan her LLC took out to buy some apartments. Now both she and the bank need/want $130 NOW as she needs money to refi, etc. The bank may agree to take as little as $122k

Thank you